About us

Manicure Express is an authorised OPI parlour what means that in our stands for hand care we use only products of the OPI brand – the world leader in the professional cosmetics industry for hand care.


Idea Manicure Express ®


Catering to the needs of our times, which are characterised by highly dynamic pace of life, the permanent lack of time for ourselves and at the same time the need to maintain the high aesthetics of appearance, there was created the idea of the service Manicure Express ®. Nowadays, the client needing a service, regardless of what the service concerns, most of all pays attention to the convenient location of the service provider and the flexibility to schedule the time spent for the client. The concept of Manicure Express ® is a perfect solution for people struggling with the lack of time and for all those, for whom the type of the performed work or the lifestyle do not allows the stable and long-term planning of everyday tasks.

The service offered by Manicure Express ® is a perfect supplement of the offer of shopping malls, which perfectly fits the nature of modern galleries and shopping malls.

Thanks to services of Manicure Express everyone at any time can use the complex manicure, made in a short time and in the comfort and aesthetic surrounding.